Network Marketing Books for the Health and Wellness Industry

Published: 21st June 2011
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As the cost of healthcare in the United States rises exponentially, a trend is developing. Actually, the trend has been growing exponentially for quite some time, and it can be defined in three little words: health and wellness.

For network marketers, health and wellness is the holy grail of opportunities. Several events have occurred in the past few decades that have helped the industry generate over $500 billion dollars annually, and many network marketers are able to capitalize on this.

Evidence that the Wellness Revolution is Here, based on Network Marketing Books

Several network marketing books have been written on the topic, including "The Wellness Revolution" by economist Paul Zane Pilzer. While there may be disagreements about his opinion on the industry, and his predictions, the facts remain:

Developing countries are seeing a rise in obesity, diabetes, and other weight-related diseases.

For some companies, medical insurance and treatments can overtake the profit level; due to an increase in medical prices.

Pharmaceutical companies are taking a "symptom cure" vantage point in their position on treatment, pushing through more and more drugs straight to consumers instead of doctors.

Large corporations, known collectively as the "sickness industry" are capitalizing on health and wellness, investing millions into organic solutions.

What This Means for You

So what does this mean for network marketers? Itís important to understand the trends of an industry before reps get started with any one opportunity. That's where the helpfulness of network marketing books comes in. While success can be found in a myriad of opportunities (like telecom and legal services) a majority of the opportunities available to network marketers are actually in the health and wellness industry. Eight out of ten of the top network marketing companies, as rated by Nexera, sell products like anti-aging remedies, facial creams, cleansers, shakes, and juices.

The health and wellness industry will only continue to grow, if you follow the predictions of authors and experts like Pilzer. There are many other network marketing books that will likely lead readers to the same conclusion. But even though the industry is expected to grow up to $1 trillion dollars in the coming years, should network marketers join those opportunities exclusively?

There is something to be said for every opportunity. Some companies may be saturated. Other small companies may explode onto the scene. But ultimately, it doesnít much matter what type of opportunity you choose, as long as you are equipped with the skills to master network marketing.

How to Succeed - With or Without Network Marketing Books

Generating leads, creating a great opt-in page, perfecting your pitch, and learning to be a leader who sponsors with integrity are all elements of the business that network marketers should spend their time studying. Because any opportunity can be quite lucrative for those who understand how the system works, and how to effectively grow your business in any industry.

To find out more about building a network marketing skill-set to launch your business,†read more here.

Joshua Fuson is a professional marketer, and has participated in the generation of over $14 million dollars in the direct-marketing industry in the past 4 years alone. To find out more about Josh, and to see how he uses the internet to grow his own business every single day,†click here.

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