Myron Wentz Review - Is He a Ripoff Or Legit?

Published: 15th April 2010
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Myron Wentz is a controversial figure in the health and wellness and network marketing community. There is much speculation about his work, and in this article, we'll blow away the smoke to get a look at who this Doctor really is.

USANA Connection

Dr. Wentz is the founder, chairman, and CEO of USANA Health Sciences, a publicly-traded network marketing company. However, he got his start in 1974 by founding Gull Laboratories, which was the former parent company of USANA. He focused on the manufacturing, development, and marketing of medical diagnostic test kits. The kits were designed to detect infectious diseases. The products were used in hospital labs around the world. Dr. Went served as President and Chairman of Gull until 1994 - at which point he sold it to Fresenius, a German competitor. He stayed on as Charmian for four additional years.

He went on to found USANA in 1992, which manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements and personal care products. He also founded Sanoviv Medical Institute in 1998, which is a medical facility that specializes in holistic medical care.

Dr. Wentz has taken his substantial scientific and business accomplishments and refocused his efforts to a more philanthropic and humanitarian causes. He founded the Wentz Medical Center in Cambodia as well as the Wentz Medical Center and Lab in Uganda.

He has been the recipient of a Presidential appointment as an adviser to the SBA. He also received an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In 2007 he received the Albert Einstein Award for lifelong achievement in science.

Many would-be distributors that take up efforts to grow a USANA business and want to see if the head of the organization has integrity. Everything that we have found is overwhelmingly positive for this accomplished doctor.

The Big Mistake

The mistake that some reps make is assuming that a good product or good company is the key to success. While it is important, the most CRITICAL aspect of success is the ability and skill in understanding how to bring a product to market. That is ultimately the deciding factor.

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