Duvita Review - Good MLM Business Or Lame Opportunity?

Published: 16th April 2010
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Duvita is a health and wellness company that provides consumer supplements and vitamins. They are also a network marketing company, giving people a "resellers option" to become distributors, and developing a distribution channel to earn commission.

Is it a good opportunity? Is it a scam? Let's take a closer look at this company.

Duvita - The Good

The company was founded by Amber McAdams and Nelson Crowe. Their product line consists of their "Life" products - Life Plus, Body Plus, Nutrition Plus, Goals Plus, and Attitude Plus. Additionally, they are a network marketing company, which means they offer an income opportunity.

They also claim to focus on charity, and philanthropy. Their products and focus seems to be more of a "lifestyle" company than a "product-based" company. They advocate goal-setting and self-improvement endeavors, such as "getting out of debt" and "attracting people into my life".

Duvita - The Other Side Of The Coin

While everything may look peachy with Duvita, there's another side to the coin. Like many other companies, they advocate the use of leveraging your "warm market" for business growth.

They use phrases such as "it's not selling... it's sharing" and other cute sayings that serve to pave the way for turning your friends and family members into prospects.

While this marketing model can be effective, it's usually quite limited. After you burn through your list of people, the question becomes "what are you going to do to grow your business?" That's when REAL marketing strategies kick in and separate those who will succeed from those who will fail.

In conclusion Duvita is a vehicle to sell a product and get paid for it. The deciding factor will be your ability to find your market, and build a distribution there, and it requires skill to do that. I recommend focusing on that skill above all others.

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