Are Network Marketing Genealogy Leads Worth Pursing?

Published: 21st June 2011
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Network marketing genealogy leads donít sound incredibly promising to the newcomer in network marketing. These leads essentially provide information about people who have been in a network marketing opportunity before, meaning that they have tried their hand in network marketing. They know the good, the bad, and the ugly of an opportunity, and someone new in their business, this can sound quite intimidating.

After all, no amount of sales techniques will pass by this lead; the opportunity must be solidly presented, based on a stellar product, and the questions asked by your lead will be pointed and possibly unnerving. Some network marketing genealogy leads are still in the business, but many are not, and there is often good reason. They may not have found success, or they simply may not enjoy the business.

Network Marketing Genealogy Leads: Are They Worth It?

So, are network marketing genealogy leads worth pursing? Many seasoned markters say yes; these leads are often warm, despite their history. In addition, there are a lot of benefits in terms of efficiency for both the prospect and you, the recruiting network marketer.

First, not much time needs to be wasted in explaining the process to a recruit. This person has been "around the block" so-to-speak, and they are familiar with how things work. Explaining the compensation plan is often easier, as well, since the prospect has already earned money with another plan. And, most plans are quite similar, with the same terminology.

Pitching your business opportunity to a genealogy lead may prove more challenging than pitching to a novice marketer, but typically, a genealogy leads knows what he or she wants in the first several minutes of conversation. If yours is an opportunity they are interested in, a conversation can occur. But if this person knows he or she wonít be interested, they waste little of your time, as they know the struggles of recruitment themselves.

Training can be infinitely easier with someone who is already familiar with the sales process. In addition, these network marketing genealogy leads have pitched and sold product before, so they are ready to start improving their techniques instead of learning from scratch. While it may take awhile to break bad habits, these recruits are far more understanding of the process and what it takes to be a good network marketer. For many who have tried and did not succeed, their drive is even greater in the second, and even third opportunity. This determination can be great for any organization.

Using Genealogy Leads for Success

So, genealogy leads are important in any new network marketerís business, but one has to first learn how to get them, nurture the relationship, create a great pitch, and add a network marketing genealogy lead into his or her business.

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